Over the years, our credibility has been established through our hard work, problem solving and the positive outcomes we achieve for our clients. This has been the result of innovative approaches, rigorous business processes and the unique team we have recruited. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but each team member brings a special component to the mix and we are very proud of our offering.

We take pride in our team’s combined insight and experience and our ability to access to key decision-makers with reliable information in support of our clients’ objectives.

Our clients trust us and we work hard on their behalf.  We succeed together.

David Pratt


Denis Rouleau

Senior Associate

François Bureau

Senior Associate

Chris Panagapko

IT Consultant

Goran Samuel Pesic

Head of Operations

Dale Sheehan

Senior Associate

Alan Stephenson

Senior Associate

Kandice Dao

Media/Web Consultant

Steve Zuber

Senior Associate

Jerry Pitzul

Senior Consultant

Jonas Wilmink

Executive Assistant

Alan Williams

Senior Associate

Peter Holt

Senior Associate

Alison Buchanan

Director, Communications