Industry Expertise

DPA can assist you in developing approaches and relationships with all three levels of government in Canada, but with a special focus on the following industries:
Aerospace & Defence

We assist clients in navigating complex defence procurement. We leverage our knowledge of Canadian aerospace and defence company capabilities to form key partnerships and align strategic actions to win new business.

Public safety & Security

We collaborate with government departments who are variously responsible for public safety and security in order to shape policy, to configure requirements and to facilitate the fulfilling of both political and corporate objectives.

Cyber Security

We are active in the area of cyber security and cyber policy. We have clients who are engaged in discussing with governments the future of cyber technology in Canada.


We represent clients who design and build next generation warships as well as clients who integrate combat systems for ships.


We assist clients who are looking to actively engage with the telecommunications landscape in Canada. We offer regulatory guidance, marketing advice, and strategic analysis.


Our transportation clients rely on us to manage regulatory disputes, tariff issues, and to facilitate partnership building.


We have clients who are in the business of IT systems and e-government solutions. Our team of IT associates works with companies to best represent their capabilities to all levels of government.

Advanced Manufacturing

We have represented clients who are at the frontier of managed supply chain manufacturing. We put at the client’s disposal our strategic understanding of the unique aspects of marketing to government.

Infrastructure & Construction

In keeping with the DPA focus on defence and security we represent construction and infrastructure clients who are the forefront of blast engineering and infrastructure protection.